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"When we wanted to meld the computer systems with the AV system that ran through the whole house, Homesurround was able to handle the whole project. Very satisfied."   more...

Audio/Video & Home Theater
Planning your home or business for audio/video, home theater and structured wiring is a very involved process (just ask James K. Willcox of Sound and Vision magazine), requiring strict attention to detail and, for us, a dedication to near perfection. We will help you plan your wiring schematics, talk with you about what your needs and wants are, and come up with a tailor-made plan suited specifically to you.

Home Theater
From initial consultations to discover what you would like your theater to do and how it performs, through component and materials acquisitions, to final systems setup and calibrations, we guarantee complete satisfaction. We specialize in all audio and video systems and components, as well as automation of remote control systems and lighting. Contact us for more information or to get a quote for your job.

Distributed Audio/Video
Another popular application is custom whole-house audio installations. This service allows you to stream music FROM any audio source (digital cable or satellite music channels, CD/DVD players, radios and even MP3 files from your computer) TO any speakers installed inside or even outside your home. You control each room with easy-to-use volume controls that you turn up/on or down/off when you enter or exit the room or area.

We also consider whole-house video installations, complete with IR (Infra-Red) or RF (Radio Frequency) control of all your AV components, as well as systems integration for digital cable, satellite and OTA (Over-The-Air) antenna applications. We can also install custom CC (Closed-Circuit) home video systems, to monitor indoor/outdoor security, or for baby monitoring from anywhere in the house (a very popular option). Contact us for more information or to get a quote for your job.

Structured Wiring (what is it?)
The focus here is on total home systems, encompassing data, phone and video (e.g., TV). We look at the networked home for PCs and appliances to communicate with each other and with you. This includes whole-house computer networking, to share broadband (DSL or cable modem) internet connections, as well as peripheral devices (printers, CD/DVD burners) and data residing on other computers in the house.

For businesses, we focus on network connectivity, utilizing the latest standards in DataComm (Data Communications) wiring technology. Currently, this means using Category 5e and Category 6 network cable to connect your office and your network LAN (Local Area Network). We will also configure all your routers, hubs, or switches to connect seamlessly together. Additionally, we can configure security protocols such as firewalls, content filtering, and more (see our IT section for more). Contact us for more information or to get a quote for your job.